The Nature Pearls of POWERLIFE® have already been shipped to Egypt, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Cambodia, Canada, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Oman, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. And more countries are being added continuously.

Sara Romei and her experience with POWERHAIR®

« slim and trim is the perfect support for my dietary change. The cravings have completely disappeared! »

Diana Capasso, Italy

Samih Sawiris, entrepreneur, Egypt

« My whole body benefits from POWERHAIR. »

Samih Sawiris, entrepreneur, Egypt

« well-trained and strong from POWERLIFE® gives me the energy I need as an active person! »

Christina Moser, Austria

« Shortly after I started taking the natural pearls all-around protected, I noticed that I had more resistance and felt better overall again. »

Sofia Mylona, Greece

Ralph Weber, ski racer, Switzerland

« As a top athlete, highest quality in supplementation is very important to me! »

Ralph Weber, ski racer, Switzerland

« For me, POWERHAIR® PREMIUM was the only solution that really worked sustainably and healthily. I had previously tried countless other products and remedies unsuccessfully. »

Junes Suleiman, Dubai

« Within just 4 weeks of taking Quintessence, I noticed that the hair loss had stopped. But that was just the beginning. Over the next 12 months, my hair started to grow back in the previously thinning areas. I am thrilled and definitely look better now! »

Vanida Bunyen, Thailand

La Hong, fashion designer, Austria

« I am definitely fitter and feel better. Hair, skin, and nails are visibly more beautiful and well-groomed. »

La Hong, fashion designer, Austria

« Finally, finally, I did it! I've lost 17 kilos, and they haven't come back! Thanks to the entire team in Zug! »

Christian Laube, Switzerland

Daniel Grieder, CEO Hugo Boss, Switzerland

« POWERHAIR gives me more energy and strength. »

Daniel Grieder, CEO Hugo Boss, Switzerland

« This place is a real oasis of well-being. After my full-body massage, I felt like I had just taken a mini-vacation. »

Annamaria Steiner, Switzerland

« The Natural Pearls are very convenient. They contain everything my body needs, and I don't have to take any additional pills or capsules. »

David Walsh, Britain

Tomoko Mayeda, Musikerin, Japan

« I have been taking POWERHAIR for 5 months, and the results are already so positive. »

Tomoko Mayeda, Musikerin, Japan

« Thanks to my personalized Quintessence
mixture, I not only fought my hair loss, but also have more energy and less brittle fingernails. Top! »

Nathalie Weber, Germany

« Thanks to the consultation for my Quintessence mix, I gained valuable insights into my hair and overall health condition. »

Benedikt Janssen, Holland

« Especially important for me was that POWERLIFE® is based on natural and holistic healthy principles, without hormones or chemicals. That gave me the confidence to do something good for my body. »

Zoey McKay, Canada

« The wellness package EMERALD has helped me a lot. My gastrointestinal problems are gone! I also learned a lot about myself and my health. Thank you! »

Michael Glauser, Switzerland

« Upon entering the institute, I immediately felt comfortable. The massage was pure indulgence. »

Martina Villiger, Switzerland

« The expertise, experience, and compassion of the team motivated me week after week during my dietary change! »

Nicole Zehnder, Switzerland

« I had been searching for a comprehensive treatment for a long time to help me combat my cellulite. The RUBY package was just right for me! »

Erna Schlatter, Switzerland

« I was amazed that the ParaMediForm method doesn't involve diet pills or shakes. It works because the food is tailored to one's own metabolism. So simple and so ingenious! »

Marinko Bartulovic, Switzerland

« Through the analysis and health consultation from POWERLIFE®, I finally felt like I was taken seriously as an individual, and a holistic solution was presented to me. »

Andreas Schöpf, Austria

« The cost-benefit ratio here is very good. The massages are professional and show a lot of skill. Clear recommendation! »

Phillip Wyss, Switzerland

« The best thing about POWERLIFE® is that it provides a healthy and natural solution for every problem. »

Amira Van de voorde, Belgium

« The ParaMediForm recipes are super easy, even for me, even though cooking is not my strength. I achieved my goal without starving! »

Martina Escher, Switzerland

« POWERHAIR® has opened my eyes to the importance of nutrients for hair health and also for my well-being. I had never realized before how much nutrient intake affects my hair. »

Noah Anderson, Australia

« I am truly thrilled with the lymphatic drainage massage that I have experienced here multiple times. It helps me a lot. »

Lena Imhof, Switzerland

« The weekly coaching during my dietary change/weight loss was exactly what I needed to stay on track. Success was measurable every week! »

Erich Birrer, Switzerland

« The atmosphere here is so relaxing, and the premises are cozy and inviting. The entire team ensures that you feel like a VIP guest. It's a hidden gem here in Zug! »

Fernanda Alves, Switzerland

« Since the dietary change through PMF, we enjoy food much more, and the taste of individual foods is more intense. We perceive the food consciously, therefore eating slower and more enjoyably than before. Additionally, we feel fit and comfortable in our bodies again! »

Karin and Daniel Lüthi, Switzerland

« My experience at POWERLIFE® was full of 'aha' moments that helped me take better care of myself. »

Mati Volkova, Estonia

« The nutritionists in Zug have a great deal of expertise and professionalism. A big thank you to them! I have reached my dream weight! »

Petra Salviti, Switzerland

« The decision to try out well-rested
by POWERLIFE® has been more than worth it! I fall asleep much faster and no longer wake up at night. »

Gabriel Zamora, Spain