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Powerhair® – Strong and radiant hair

Do you suffer from weak hair or even hair loss? Then you are not alone. There are many reasons that can lead to this:

Stress, shock, intense emotional strain, heavy metal deposits, hormonal changes, physical weakening due to surgeries or illnesses, poor scalp circulation, or an unbalanced diet; all of these factors can result in your hair roots not receiving adequate nourishment.

The POWERHAIR® Nature Pearls simply provide the solution. Our secret lies in the unique combination of up to 45 selected micronutrients, specifically tailored to complement each other. This power formula addresses the issue of nutrient deficiency at the root. This effectiveness is evidenced by our products being patented worldwide—truly unique on a global scale.

Indulge in the remarkable strength of POWERHAIR® Nature Pearls and once again savor full, healthy hair!

Powerhair Essence



The most common feedback from our customers is that, thanks to Essence, their hair is fuller and healthier, with more shine and resilience.

Nature Pearls for 30 days
Content: 328 g / 588 ml
CHF 241.-

Powerhair Quintessence



Individually tailored for you, a power mix that belongs exclusively to you. Our customers report that the Quintessence can even stop medium to severe hair loss and significantly promote hair growth. The micronutrients included enhance your vitality and strengthen your overall well-being.

Comprises around 40 different, maximum natural micronutrients.

Nature Pearls Quintessence monthly price starting at CHF 359.-

Minimum order quantity 3 months
Content: at least 1420 g *
CHF 1’078.-

6 months
Content: at least 2840 g *
CHF 2’104.-

* May vary, as the blend is tailored specifically to you

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Powerhair Premium

Powerhair® Premium

The Best for me

With a unique anti-aging formula. This blend consists of over 45 maximum natural micronutrients and is enriched with high-quality antioxidants. It is individually tailored for you. It is a power mix that belongs only to you. As a result, it provides your hair and your whole body with exactly what they need.

Included is a personal consultation with us.

Natural Pearls PREMIUM® Monthly Price starting from CHF 598.-


Minimum order quantity 3 months
Content: at least 1780 g *
CHF 1’823.-

6 months
Content: at least 3560 g *
CHF 3’587.-

* May vary, as the blend is tailored specifically to you

Container set

Powerlife® container set

A noble eye-catcher

The decorative jars are made of high-quality ceramic and feature a gold-colored flower medallion. The lid is made of bamboo.

If you wish to purchase additional jars, you can order them here:

1000 ml
CHF 32.-
850 ml
CHF 28.-
650 ml
CHF 24.-
450 ml
CHF 21.-
Whole set of containers in four sizes
CHF 79.-