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The success of POWERHAIR® is based on providing the body with all the essential micronutrients it needs in a natural way and over an extended period. This helps to balance any deficiencies and reactivate hair growth. POWERHAIR® works from the inside out. In both the PREMIUM and Quintessenz products, the composition of the most natural ingredients is tailored to your individual needs. The goal of POWERHAIR® is to strengthen the capillary blood vessels that supply the hair roots with nutrients from the blood.

Hair root

    Growth phase

  1. The hair follicle begins to form, the hair root cell is created.

  2. The hair root is nourished, and the hair forms.

  3. The hair becomes thicker, and the connection to the blood vessels becomes more stable. How fast the hair grows and how long it lives depends on the supply of nutrients. With good nutrition, the hair can last up to 6-8 years. With poor nutrition, it can fall out again after just 6 months.

  4. Transition phase

  5. When the follicle detaches from the blood vessels, the hair begins to gradually retreat. This is a normal process but is accelerated by poor nutrient supply.

  6. The follicle weakens and eventually dies off, the capillary networks recede.

  7. Resting phase

  8. The hair is shed by the body.

  9. The resting phase begins, the hair shaft recovers, and if there are enough nutrients in the body, a new growth phase begins.

    The resting phase typically lasts 2 weeks in a healthy body. In cases of mild nutrient deficiency, it can last 4-8 weeks. With severe nutrient deficiency, no or very few thin hairs grow back.

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