Simone Wietlisbach

Behind the invention of the unique Nature Pearl blends stands Simone Wietlisbach. With over 20 years of experience and expertise as a certified nutrition and health advisor, and knowledge as a certified specialist therapist in orthomolecular medicine, Simone Wietlisbach gained profound insights into the field of health and beauty.

Simone Wietlisbach soon recognized how closely intertwined balanced nutrition, sufficient micronutrients, and comprehensive well-being are for humans.

Through extensive exploration and research, Simone Wietlisbach developed the globally patented – globally unique blend of POWERHAIR® Nature Pearls. With the same professional care and expertise, she then determined the blends of POWERLIFE® Nature Pearls.

Simone Wietlisbach's knowledge is so comprehensive that she is able to create an individual mixture of maximum natural, harmonized micronutrients tailored to each person's lifestyle, age, dietary habits, and more.

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