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Simply lose weight and maintain the desired weight.

Lose weight with the ParaMediForm method. Switzerland's biggest success story. Already over 63,000 people have succeeded.

What makes our method unique?

  • Good to know: If you force the body to lose weight in unnatural ways (diets, starvation, pills, excessive exercise, etc.), it automatically switches into self-preservation mode. The result: It either tries to hold onto the kilos or reduces weight, only to double it immediately.

  • Why our method works: We provide the body with the right fuels daily in the individually appropriate amount. The follow-up: Your body burns excess fat, even in areas where diets have no influence (saddlebags, visceral fat, and more).

  • Your success trump card: Our personal analysis shows you which of the 284 metabolic combinations you belong to.

  • Caution: With every fat-burning process, toxins in the form of waste products are produced. These toxins cannot be ‚flushed out‘ by drinking a lot of water. They need to be bound and excreted from the intestines in a targeted manner. Only with us: For the targeted excretion of toxins and to support the weight loss phase, you receive a personalized mixture of healthy micronutrients.

  • This is how unique our method is: Thanks to knowledge of a balanced diet and your personal micronutrient mixture, your skin also regenerates. Even after significant weight loss, you don‘t have any excess skin.

    Your new Self is slim and vital – and even beautiful!

Antoinette Luthiger

The operational management of our institute is in the experienced and competent hands of Antoinette Luthiger

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« I was amazed that the ParaMediForm method doesn't involve diet pills or shakes. It works because the food is tailored to one's own metabolism. So simple and so ingenious! »

Marinko Bartulovic, Switzerland

« Finally, finally, I did it! I've lost 17 kilos, and they haven't come back! Thanks to the entire team in Zug! »

Christian Laube, Switzerland

« The weekly coaching during my dietary change/weight loss was exactly what I needed to stay on track. Success was measurable every week! »

Erich Birrer, Switzerland

« Since the dietary change through PMF, we enjoy food much more, and the taste of individual foods is more intense. We perceive the food consciously, therefore eating slower and more enjoyably than before. Additionally, we feel fit and comfortable in our bodies again! »

Karin and Daniel Lüthi, Switzerland

« The expertise, experience, and compassion of the team motivated me week after week during my dietary change! »

Nicole Zehnder, Switzerland

« The nutritionists in Zug have a great deal of expertise and professionalism. A big thank you to them! I have reached my dream weight! »

Petra Salviti, Switzerland